Dante’s History of the Banished

Coming to this Edinburgh Fringe 2017! 

14-27th August (not 20th), 22.30 (50min)

Paradise in the Vault (29), Tickets £3/4, £6/8 

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A comedy show about exile! What does it mean to not have a home? 13051575_10156744890765214_8527172039522057326_n
Do some people deserve to be banished forever? Let history’s most famous exiles help you decide.

In this new solo show, Charlie introduces you to a variety of historical characters as
you’ve never seen them before.

Dante, the renowned Italian poet, sets aside his stories about Hell to guide his new friends through a journey of time, space and potted plants.

Napoleon is your new life coach. Whether you
have questions about your love-life, flatmates or nectar cards, he’s ready to give you the tough love you need.

fullsizeoutput_3aaHot mess Eve is on the prowl for some new drinking buddies while she atones for her ‘sins’ with some punk feminist stand-up.

And as well all know, Shakespeare loved to banish characters but rather than going through all of them just watch King Lear perform all of King Lear in under 10 minutes.

A high energy and interactive show, this is great fun if you love history or know nothing about it at all.

Charlie regularly performs as these characters on the circuit but will be bringing them altogether for Ed Fringe 2017.