Dante’s History of the Banished

“Martin is talented in every style she pursues, and like her Italian forbears, is a real Renaissance woman.” – Broadway Baby ****

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A comedy show about exile! In this new solo show, Charlie introduces you to a variety of historical characters as you’ve never seen them before.

Dante, the renowned Italian poet, sets aside his stories about Hell to guide his new friends through a journey of time, space and potted plants.

Napoleon is your new life coach; Eve wants you to bring down the patriarchy with whisky and King Lear performs all of King Lear in 10 minutes!

Puppets, improv, clowning and stand-up! This is great fun if you love history or know nothing about it at all.


Broadway Baby  – **** “her natural funniness always shines through”

AAAEdinburgh – “A brave debut solo show from the young comedienne and a  very impressive one at that.”